Petition Submission Instructions

Petition gathering is the most grassroots, standard way to help a candidate qualify to be placed on the ballot. If you have Adobe Professional, you can fill in the first four entries (Name, Birthday or Voter ID, Address, and Zip Code) electronically, then print, sign, and date. If not, just print the form as-is, then fill in the first four entries by hand, then sign and date. Unfortunately, completed forms CANNOT be emailed, as state law requires a "wet" signature, meaning manually signed, non-reproduced, original signature. So, please mail your completed/signed petition (and those of family and friends you can ask) to:

Akinyemi Campaign

3031 N. Shannon Lakes Dr.

Tallahassee, FL 32309. 

Thank you for supporting our grassroots, regular citizens-focused campaign!

Candidate Petition - Akin Akinyemi.pdf