Dear fellow citizens of Leon County,

I am honored to be serving in my second term as your Property Appraiser.  Since you first elected me in 2016, I have maintained the high quality of customer service our office is known for; expanded our community outreach efforts saving homeowners on their property taxes; and introduced several innovative processes, employee enrichment opportunities, and work efficiency measures.

In my first year, I consolidated our office to one location; empowered staff to create our unique logo, slogan, and mission statement; and implemented field mobile, which automated immediate entry of appraisal data and maps in the field. In successive years, I lowered our operating budget and developed a strategic plan that includes leadership development and phased implementation of innovative ideas. 

On a personal level, I have led by example with multiple certifications earned in record times. I also led the passage of legislation that lessened the tax burden of our most vulnerable citizens and served as president of our statewide association. 

Despite these great advances made over the last two terms, there is still much work to do, which is why I am asking for your vote and assistance in my reelection bid.

Yours In Public Service, 

Dr. Akin S. Akinyemi, R.A., CFE, CMS